My photography is about expressing the interactions of creative opportunity, exposure to the elements, and time. I seek to understand the psychic energy of a locality through the life cycles of its street art. I should note that graffiti is not the sole example of street art – only the most hyped and easily commodified. Sometimes the most beautiful art to be found in an urban landscape has no obvious human input at all – only time, weather and pollution. Capturing the spirit of a neighborhood as it shifts and changes in tandem with its population and physical environment is my focus.

Often the overlapping of several types of street art is more interesting than each piece looked at separately. Taking them in as a whole is like being privy to a visual conversation. These articulations of the street tend to improve with age; they become part of the territory, instead of an artist’s individual idea overlaid onto a community.

In a past life I shot live gigs for fun (and occasional profit). Included here are a selection of past band shots, as well as current pics taken on the fly with my mobile or my trusty Nikon N2000.